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Mini-Maine Cruise 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Maine Mini Cruise
By Suzanne Struss
Posted on 7/8/2018 6:04 AM
Your hosts: Bill Dobson - , Sue Struss - mst

Register for the cruise >>>
 Once you have figured out your plans, make sure you are LOGGED IN and go to the event page and register using the REGISTER NOW link on the right hand side of this page.  Note you do not have the opportunity to make changes once submitted.  But if you do require changes, send a note to Sue Struss and we will get the changes made for you.

For those registered >>> We need a little more information from you please to help us in planning.  We need to know what destinations you are planning to sail to. Check back as we finalize the on shore activities. Please complete this online spreadsheet with your crew details and port information. The spreadsheet is private and is not visible to the public.

Cruise Guide>>>>>>>draft and please check for final soon


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