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BWSC 65 year anniversary 


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For years Chris and I have enjoyed cruising to "P-Town". Provincetown Marina used to be good, too. Until an apparent change of ownership, major renovations (all upgrades) and new sets of rules came into being. I don't know of any other place in New England that charges $3/ft for a mooring! Now they charge for water, too. $15/day. If you were filling up with a hundred gallons maybe that's not bad, but I was filling two 5 gal jerry jugs from my dingy after buying 5 gal of diesel. Still $15!
I discussed my dissatisfaction with the office manager but found no sympathy. Even Flyers is now charging $2.25/ft (little other competition I assume).
We are still enjoying Provincetown because of the public dingy dock inside the last pier behind where the fast ferry docks. (There is water there, too.) Getting to town is therefore easy while we're anchored in 60ft of water off the beach at Long Point. It was much cooler here during the heat back in Marblehead last weekend.
There seems to be a seal nursery here with over 50 seals of all sizes in the bey. There were even whales cruising the bay in evening. One can hear them blowing all across the bay.
The town itself is enforcing mandatory mask wearing everywhere, inside and walking the streets. It feels much safer this summer than at our home in Florida.
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