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We do all our winches every 2 years. Somebody gave us a jar of Barient winch grease which seems to last a bit longer than the Andersen stuff. It's probably a lifetime supply...

_)_)_) Vince

Hey Vince,

How often do you knock-down, clean and re-lube those nice Andersens? I have that scheduled for next month on our Lewmars. I think that mil-spec pawl oil and bearing grease can be found at 1/10 the cost of winch-named products.

Thank you for the new Boatkeeper's Forum!

Kevin O'Keeffe


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_)_)_) Vince

A new project (testing)

_)_)_) Vince

One of our projects will be replacing the brushes in our electric winches. The port winch gets the most wear and last season it would start very slowly and then speed up. We replaced the brushes in this winch about 10 years ago, but this time we ordered them online instead of through Andersen. The problem I'm facing is a retaining ring which needs a spanner to loosen. The spanner we have won't do the trick as it's posts keep slipping out of the holes in the ring. I'm going to fabricate a new spanner that I can use with an impact driver to remove the ring. Will let you know how it goes.

_)_)_) Vince

Hi all,

Tell us about your boat maintenance projects! Others can pipe in with suggestions, tips, recommendations etc. Start a new project entry by replying to this entry. Reply to a specific entry below if you have a comment for that entry.

_)_)_) Vince

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