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BWSC 65 year anniversary 
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Sun Downer Protocol

Sun Downer Protocol on a Blue Water Sailing Cruise
By Suzanne Struss
Posted: 2023-01-17T21:38:50Z

After a great day on the water, BWSC cocktail gatherings are a frequently enjoyed highlight. Conjuring up an appetizer to share should not be a daunting task.

Fresh vegetables are always sought after while cruising so should you be a lucky one, a garden-fresh contribution will be the hit of the party. A hot appetizer is also always coveted. There is always the late arriving boat of the hungry 6 that did not read this blog and brought a bag of chips to share. That is fine once or maybe twice, it happens to everyone so join the party and do something special next port!


Presentation and food safety are also important. Consider the temperature and sensitivity of your ingredients and label items that contain common allergy items such as nuts. Don’t forget napkins, plates, cutlery, or toothpicks, and bring your own libations, glasses, and ice cubes for your cocktails so that your gracious host doesn’t have a lot to clean up. Take your own trash, be willing to share your recipe.


Gatherings generally last about an hour so don’t wear out your welcome as your host may have dinner plans. If you happen to be the smallest boat in the fleet get in touch with someone else, find a floating dock, and co-host!

Be creative, have fun, It’s really all about Good Times! Good Friends! Good Sailing!