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BWSC 65 year anniversary 
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Start Cruising with The Best Sailing Club

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Start Cruising with The Best Sailing Club in N.E.
By Suzanne Struss
Posted: 2023-04-11T23:46:15Z

Start Cruising with The Best Sailing Club in New England

Every sailor can be an advocate for our sport. You can help other sailors find a group of similar enthusiasts like those of us in the Blue Water Sailing Club.


Blue Water Sailing Club (BWSC) members often invite sailors who aren’t members to learn more about our club.


While attending a Workshop in Rhode Island, I met several people who I thought would be a good fit for BWSC. I mentioned how affordable membership is and what good value it is for all the summer cruising and off-season events available.


During the workshop these folks continued to ask me questions about the Blue Water Sailing Club. They wanted to know more about where we cruised, what social events we had, and how to learn more about the sailing seminars. 

I realized as the conversation continued that many were day sailors and wanted to learn more about cruising

At this point in the conversation ask if they’d like a copy of the Beacon newsletter. Get their email address and sign them up at 

What I enjoy, I described, is cruising with caring and knowledgeable BWSC members. Our members are always ready to mentor, help, and include. Some members are more seasoned than others, but all are a helpful group of sailors who love to be on the water. 


Cruising with BWSC members can be a stress reliever. If you have a radar problem, or your Navionics is misbehaving, or you haven’t cruised through a certain gnarly passage in the fog before, there’s always someone to help or provide some guidance.


Ask if they would like a transitional membership – it’s easy and it’s a great way to get to know the club. 

Joining Blue Water Sailing Club is EASY


1.    Prospective members can sign up at

2.    Receive a warm welcome and more information.

3.    Join a summer cruise or social event and let the fun begin!

You can join other sailing enthusiasts like those of us in the Blue Water Sailing Club. There’s no better time to join.